Bollywood Gone British

Dipti's Collection Courtesy of

Imagine watching a Bollywood movie, where the beautiful actors have traded their multi-colored saris and kurtas for something we see in a old English movie. Not quite old as Gone With The Wind but old enough. Where is the fun in that one may ask? But there is something more demure about it. It may not be this wonderful splash of color on your television screen complimented by a romantic melody that fills your ears while the color of the sari’s also make a dance for your eyes… but it’s still classy, elegant and you do agree that even yourself would consider wearing it today in the modern Western world.

Perhaps Dipti Irla was tired of seeing so much color on her television screen. Perhaps she wanted to show us that India hasn’t completely let go of  its British past. Even though India may still hold some resentment from their past invasion or stolen jewels, they did choose to keep a little British fashion influence in their hearts.

In this collection Dipti is sharp with her cuts, bold with the shoulders and stern with her lines. Could this be an influence of the British Military on the people ? She shows us that she wanted to keep the aesthetic and the metallic accents of a sherwani but wanted to make it for the woman. Dipti transformed the sherwani into sari fabric coats and made it more feminine and more breathable by leaving them completely unbuttoned or halfway unzipped.

The color palette was soft with light golds, blues and cremes that rumor has it-  she has lightened from brighter sari fabrics. While the tops, jacket and dresses were were firmly pressed, the pants in this collection were much more relaxed much like their color. The collars were high and the hemlines were conservative which stayed true to Dipti’s personality from her past pieces that she has done at The Academy of Art.

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