A Minute With The Chic Spy

I was lucky enough to spend some time with San Francisco’s very own Chic Spy. Here’s to what being one of SF’s best known fashion and lifestyle bloggers is all about… 

First of all you have come a long way, what was your motivation for all the effort and hard work to becoming the brand you are today?

I have always been interested in fashion and journalism. In 2004 I combined the two loves and started the blog Hollywood Digs, a site helping fashion enthusiasts find items they saw on television or in films. My passion for these two industries has been my driving force and has evolved into pop culture as well.

They say that San Francisco isn’t a fashion city, how would you defend this?

I think any city has it’s own culture and style of dress. I think when a city like San Francisco is said to not be a fashion city, it’s because it is being compared to fashion capitals such as New York, London, and Paris who each have a distinct but classic style form. San Francisco has its own fashion niche driven by its love for vintage, sustainability and grass roots culture.

Being that we are not on the “fashion map” what unique aspect have you found in San Francisco in the last couple years that could distinguish us from the “real” fashion cities?

There are many independent designers in San Francisco that use artistic forms in their designs as well as green principles, which I believe sets the city apart from the fashion capitals. It is more about preference than one being better than the other. Someone who is into classic prep styling would be more drawn to New York and European designers for example. Someone with a Boho chic sensibility might want to seek out San Francisco designers and boutiques.

How would you describe your personal style these days?

I have always had an affinity to classic pieces. But lately I have been spicing up my ensembles with bold statement-making pieces like oversized rings, silk printed scarves, and gemstone-embellished flats.

Who in SF would you describe to have the best style?

The Chic Spy of course! Who else could sport an orange trench so chicly?

Speaking of style, your blog has lots of it. Who helped you design it?

I design and maintain the blog myself.

I also love all the interviews on your blog! How do you choose the people you want to interview?

When it comes to designers to feature, I try to find unknown talent with a new perspective, like UK-based jewelry designer Alidra Alić. The celebrity interviews are part of my Movie Brief series, where I review movies and periodically interview the celebrities starring in the films.

Is it hard getting them on the phone or for a meeting?

No, it is usually as simple as scheduling an interview and following through on the agreed upon date.

Have you ever had to trick someone or maneuver your way into an interview?

Never. I believe blogging is a form of journalism and integrity is very important in establishing credibility.

I noticed that you have been covering a lot of movie events recently, what actor or actress have you found to be the most intriguing?

Diane Keaton, Jodie Foster, Antonio Banderas, and Salma Hayek. Since they Hollywood veterans, they have seen how the industry has progressed and that makes for a richer interview.

Best movie you’ve watched at a premiere?


Thank you for your time! Any advice you have for aspiring bloggers out there?

Blog about something you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Your readers will sense the authenticity and it will gain you a loyal following.


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