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Banking on Blogging

Scott Schuman

It is no lie that Scott Schuman is the messiah of the fashion blog world. After The Sartorialist there were many blogs to come, whether they were as good as his or not, blogging became the next online sensation.

Until recently we weren’t sure if people could blog as a full time job. I mean, can you make a living off of blogging for yourself? Apparently so, if you attract as much traffic as The Sartorialist does- and by traffic I mean advertising bait.

Until recently, the  blogger man confessed that his blog allowed him to make in the quarter of a million dollar range saying, “more than a quarter million and less than a half a million,” per year from advertising fees at the magazine level. The Sartorialist is even unafforadable to some large companies such as American Apparel.

So how about all those Schuman wanna-bees, what can they foresee in their blogging future?

15 year old Tavi has also banked on her blog. The Style Rookie which has also received a lot of criticism for being so young and fashion forward has done very well for herself, and I mean beyond the swag. Does Schuman see these young bloggers as possible threats? Absolutely not- her audience is just that of the Jackson Five.

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